Victoria 18.5 inch Foundation Lift

June 4, 2018

True Level is not limited to the Lower Mainland just as poor soils are not limited to the Lower Mainland. We recently spend time on the coast of Vancouver Island in Victoria where the crew was able to fix and protect a foundation that had settled more than 18 inches. Problem: This house in Victoria […]

East Vancouver Foundation Lifting

March 16, 2018

True Level has been working in the Mount Pleasant region of East Vancouver very frequently due to the soil conditions of the area. It was actually the neighbour of a previous job which True Level completed work in late 2017. Although the houses were close to each other, the foundation differed and True Level had […]

Strange Fellows Piering

December 15, 2017

If you’re a frequenter of East Vancouver, you know Strange Fellows Brewery. They are a go-to brewery and tasting room in Vancouver BC specializing in unique and aged beers. Due to their recent success and an increased demand for beer, the brewery decided to expand. Problem If Strange Fellows were to expand, they would need […]

Vancouver Special Settlement

November 7, 2017

PROBLEM This home was purchased in 2017. It was immediately clear to the new owners that the structure had settled significantly. The 2-story residential home located in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver displayed evidence of major foundation/frame settlement of up to 9 inches toward the front entrance of the home. There were many signs […]

Pepin Brook Vineyard Estates Foundation

November 7, 2017

Problem At Pepin Brook Vineyard Estates in Abbotsford, a 2010 home started to sink into the ground. It was obvious that the foundation needed repair because there was a large crack in the foundation wall as well as in the basement floor. Both floors of the home sloped down and several doors were sticking. The […]

Burnaby 6 Inch Lift

November 7, 2017

PROBLEM In Burnaby, British Columbia, True Level Concrete was asked to lift and level a home that was not structurally sound. The 2-story home was sinking due to poorly compacted soils which caused the floors to slope. In fact, if you put a marble on the floor it would roll to the other side of […]

Richmond Poor Soil Residential Home

November 7, 2017

PROBLEM Richmond is known for having soft, shifting soils that cause foundation problems. Recently, True Level Concrete was asked to stabilize the perimeter of a sinking Richmond home. The 2-story residential home had sections that were sinking up to 7.5”! The homeowners were very anxious about safety because the floors were dramatically sloped. There were […]

Brewers Creek Peat Settlement

November 7, 2017

Owners of this Vancouver home called True Level Concrete when they noticed their house was in need of foundation repair. TLC took measurements and noticed a 20″ slope from one side of the house to the other. If you were to look at the house from the street, you could see that the house was […]