Joint and Crack Sealant
Protect your concrete from soil erosion with NexusPro.


NexusPro is a flexible caulking material designed to seal concrete joints and cracks. This silicone-based repair is engineered to be long lasting and is ideal in harsh weather climates.

nexuspro Advantages

  • Highly flexible material
  • Quick application and drying time
  • Seals cracks and joints from water infiltration
  • Stands up to any weather conditions
  • Professional installation ensures clean look
  • UV-resistant to prevent drying, cracking, bubbling or yellowing
  • Proven to last over 20 years – more than twice as long as traditional urethane-based sealants

Installation Steps

Staff bending during concrete fixing

Step 1

Grind and prepare cracks and seams

Stairs and Concrete fixing NexusPro remove

Step 2

Fill larger cracks and seams with flexible foam

NexusPro tool in action

Step 3

Insert NexusPro joint sealant

True Level Crack Repair NexusPro

Step 4

Place sand and rocks into the sealant to seamlessly blend the repair

Protect your concrete from soil erosion and seam and seal all cracks in your concrete to ensure no water can undermine your concrete. To learn more about why concrete settles, click here.

*Please note, this is a repair and while we do our best to blend, the crack will still be visible to an extent*


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