Protect the lifespan of your concrete

SealantPro permanently protects your concrete with only one application. This amazing material seeps into and bonds with your concrete to create a strong permanent barrier that protects from moisture, chemical elements, and seasonal changes.

Unlike those store bought concrete sealers, SealantPro will not erode or weaken over time. This means that your concrete will be protected from cracking and flaking and will stay smooth and stain-free for the duration it’s improved lifetime.




Why protect your concrete?

Over time, various elements such as water, temperature changes and chemicals can make your concrete look aged and unattractive. Other than affecting curb appeal, those elements will also cause your concrete to degrade over time, leading to trip hazards, cracks, or other safety concerns that reduce your home’s value.

Advantages of SealantPro

  • Permanently protects concrete with one quick-drying application
  • Won’t wash away or weaken over time.
  • Clear, non-yellowing formula
  • Penetrates deeply into pores to repel moisture, salt and other chemicals
  • Permanently bonds with the concrete
  • Makes concrete stain-resistant and reduces ice bonding for easier removal


  1. Deep clean surfaces to open concrete’s pores
  2. Spray SealantPro onto concrete surfaces
  3. Work sealant into surfaces to ensure permanent bonding
  4. Allow to cure for 6 hours, then use treated area as usual
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