Helical Pier

The patented Helical Pier system permanently stabilizes your home’s foundation. It can even lift your home back to level.

Since helicals have a screw shape, we mechanically screw them into the soil. We attach a steel bracket to the foundation’s footing and helical piers to . This shape helps us reach appropriate depths and capacities within the soil

The piers act as pins or legs for the home. As a result, the weight of your home is on the piers. The structural stability comes from the torque of the screws as well as from the competent soil or bedrock. Likewise, your home no longer relies on unstable soils. 

This method of repair is specifically designed to stabilize and lift buildings. These are the most versatile and the best solution for complete foundation stabilization and lift.

helical piers on foundation


  • Round shaft has high resistance to bending
  • Suitable for both heavy and light loads
  • Galvanized system will not rust
  • Below grade solution concealed from sight
  • Can often lift foundation back toward level position

Installation process

Man holding a shovel helical piers installation

Step 1

We excavate small holes near the footing and prep the foundation for brackets.

Step 2

Helical piers advance while bracket is attached to the footing.

Step 3 - Repair

Step 3

Helicals are screwed into the soil. Torque of the screw and competent soils create structural stability.

Concrete Repair - Step 4

Step 4

Home can also be lifted back to position and levelled.

Are push piers the solution for you?


We’re here to provide lasting solutions to your structural and foundation problems with push piers. Our dedicated team specializes in pinpointing and resolving foundation problems efficiently, tailored to your specific needs. The push pier solutions ensure the stability of your home for years to come with an excellent warranty. 


Trust in our proven expertise to help restore peace of mind. Foundation problems don’t get better with time, they get better with True Level.

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