GET $50 WITH OUR Referral Program!

happy with our service? Refer a friend to us and let us reward your recommendation with a gift card!


refer now!



  1. Fill out the form with your referral’s name and phone number.
  2. If we deliver a valid quote for our services to your friend, you’ll get a gift card for Amazon, White Spot, or Skip The Dishes.
  3. Refer again!


refer now!


Terms and conditions: 

  • Must be a former client of True Level Concrete and provide the address where you had a job done to help us track your file.
  • Your referrals must know you will refer them to us through this program.
  • Refer as many people as you like but only those who get a valid quote from us will get you a gift card.
  • Cannot submit a retroactive referral.


When will I get my gift card? 

After we send a valid quote to your referral, we will send it right away.

What’s the value of the gift card? 

It’s a $50 CAD Gift Card from Amazon, White Spot, or Skip The Dishes.

Why haven’t I gotten my gift card? 

Your referral didn’t book an appointment with us or never got a quote.

Does the gift card has an expiration date? 

It depends on each provider but they usually don’t have an expiration date.

How many times can I participate in the program? 

There is no limit as long as you refer only friends/family with a foundation or concrete repair need.

Do they have to know I referred them? 

Yes, we strongly advise they know you will refer them to us before we call them.



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