Foundation Stabilization and 18.5 inch lift

Victoria Foundation Lift

True Level is not limited to the Lower Mainland just as poor soils are not limited to the Lower Mainland. We recently spend time on the coast of Vancouver Island in Victoria where the crew was able to fix and protect a foundation that had settled more than 18 inches.


This house in Victoria was showing many visual signs of settlement that needed to be addressed before they got any worse.  Visually from the street, it was clear that the house was not level compared to the surroundings. Fractures were evident at several locations along the foundation wall as well as significant sloping of interior floor joist on all levels of the building. This 3-story residential home had been displaying evidence of active differential foundation/frame settlement over the years at at the time of our initial inspection, the settlement was varying between 0.5 and 18.5 inches over the span of the house. Differential settlement was evident throughout building with minimal settlement on the North side and increasing incrementally towards the South side of home. The homeowner knew that these issues had to be permanently addressed and True Level had the best solution.

interior Timelapse

Nothing shows the foundation lifting better than a timelapse. The lift took over the course of a full day and it was a good perspective to see the foundation raising up to the framed wall. Take a look at the daylight gap closing and the foundation is raised.

exterior timelapse

To fully show the 18 inches of lift, we took the timelapse to the worst corner.

A couple of  things to look for:

  • Hydraulic cylinders pushing on piles
  • Foundation lifting against soils
  • The pier top cap and bolts as the foundation is lifted


True Level provided a cost-effective solution to lift and stabilize the home. We used the process of Push Piers, which is driving galvanized steel columns down to the adequate bearing soils using the weight of the house under the foundation.  The process of push piers is described in detail on our products page.  To ensure that the foundation remains strong with the multiple cracks, we used structural steel channel that we bolted to the foundation wall.

The exact process is as follows:

  1. Initial inspection of settlement and measurements taken
  2. Drive piles under foundation
  3. Place hydraulic rams on piles and lift up to 18 inches
  4. Place steel channel along foundation wall where there is cracks
  5. Foundation has now been permanently stabilized


Date: May 2018
Time: Under 2 weeks to complete job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 41 push piers, 65’ of Structural Steel Channel