Vancouver Special Settlement


This home was purchased in 2017. It was immediately clear to the new owners that the structure had settled significantly. The 2-story residential home located in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver displayed evidence of major foundation/frame settlement of up to 9 inches toward the front entrance of the home. There were many signs of settlement including sloped floors, misaligned doors, and it was obvious when viewing the home from the street that it was off level. This was a big concern for the owners to address before renovating their newly purchased home.


To fix the settled structure, True Level Concrete had to first remove the perimeter walkway concrete and the landscaping and soils to get access to the foundation footing. The roof rain-leaders were also removed. True Level cut and removed sections of interior slab concrete areas as specified by the Structural Engineer.

True Level installed 39 push-piers along the underside of exterior and interior grade beam foundation walls to stabilize the home. Each pier was driven to an average between 27-44 feet below the footing. The foundation was successfully raised and stabilized to the best possible heights while remaining within the stress abilities of the structure.

The customer’s objectives to effectively stabilize and raise the sunken foundation were successfully achieved using the above processes.

Project Summary

Geotechnical Engineer: Geoff Dyer, Ocean Sun Geotechnical Ltd

Structural Engineer: Andrew McLellan, Structural Solutions Ltd

Certified Pier Installer: True Level Concrete

Products Installed: (39) Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers and PolyLevel