Chilliwack Sunken Foundation

Foundation Repair for a Chilliwack homeowner



This Chilliwack landlord called us in early 2020 because his rental property had several foundation issues. He noted that there was a large crack in the foundation and that several rooms seemed to be off level. The customer actually contacted an engineer first, who did a report and noted that the sunken foundation was up to 3.5″ off level. The engineer suggested that the customer reach out to a reputable foundation repair company for a permanent solution. That’s where True Level came in!


The Solution:

The homeowner knew that True Level’s exclusive Push Pier system was the only long lasting repair option that could prevent his foundation from settling further.  To install this system, the True Level team pressed galvanized steel columns down into the ground until each column hit bedrock and achieved refusal. After the foundation was lifted, True Level filled the space underneath with a structural foam called PolyLevel. In the end, we drove each push pier down to an average of 3-5 feet into the ground before we hit bedrock.


The exact process was as follows:

  1. Measurements were taken and estimate given
  2. Piles were driven from foundation and slab
  3. Placed hydraulic rams on the piles and lifted 11 inches
  4. Supported footing and slab with structural PolyLevel foam
  5. Foundation was permanently stabilized


The homeowner was beyond thrilled that his foundation was lifted back into original position that day. 


Date: November 2020
Time: 3 weeks to complete job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 40 Push Piers; 730 lbs of PolyLevel material