Strange Fellows brewery

piers for beers

If you’re a frequenter of East Vancouver, you know Strange Fellows Brewery. They are a go-to brewery and tasting room in Vancouver BC specializing in unique and aged beers. Due to their recent success and an increased demand for beer, the brewery decided to expand.


If Strange Fellows were to expand, they would need to add more tanks and barrels. This would only increase the weight on the slab and grade beam foundation walls. The risk factor is in the soils under the foundation and slab, which would not be compacted to hold the additional weight without the risk of settling.

Prior to expansion, the building’s concrete grade beam foundation needed to be structurally supported. If this issue was not addressed, further issues could arise. For example: The building slabs/grade-beams would be at risk of settlement after installation of the new brewing tanks. Our team were able to use their engineered products to fully support, stabilize, as well as prevent any future settlement from taking place.


True Level Concrete used a system of Supportworks Push Piers to structurally stabilize and support the slab/grade-beams in the Strange Fellows warehouse. The Piers were individually driven down into the ground until they hit the proper weight bearing soils approximately 17 feet below the grade-beam. Once the piers were driven to refusal, True Level put additional pressure to energize the piers and ensure it was fully stabilized. The specified pressures were documented and approved by all Engineers involved. Strange Fellows foundation was now completely stabilized while remaining within the stress capabilities of the structure.

Project Summary:

Date: November 2017

Time: 1 week to complete job.

Structural Engineer: Andrew McLellan, Structural Solutions Ltd

Certified Pier Installer: True Level Concrete

Products Installed: (16) Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers installed to an average depth of 17 feet below the bottom of existing grade beam.