Strata Foundation Repair

Surrey Strata complex calls True Level to improve home safety

the problem

Recently, a Surrey strata council contacted True Level to repair a sunken foundation. A True Level estimator used onsite leveling instruments and a laser-level to observe the current elevations. The measurement readings and visual indicators showed up to ¾” – 1’ of differential movement concentrated on the outside South foundation wall. While that might not sound like much, the interior was noticeably damaged! The unit owners were frustrated and had waited a long time to find the proper, long term solution.


the Solution

True Level provided a cost-effective, permanent solution to lift and stabilize the home. We drove galvanized steel columns (called Push Piers) down to adequate bearing soils using the weight of the house under the foundation. In this case, the piers were driven to an average of 18 feet each until they hit bedrock. Once the home was lifted upon these structural permanent support piers, high density Polyurethane foam (PolyLevel) was injected under the footings to void fill the gaps created and to stabilize and seal off the footings at the new consistent level.


The exact process is as follows:

  1. Initial inspection of settlement and measurements taken
  2. Drive piles under foundation
  3. Place hydraulic rams on piles and slowly lift up to original heights
  4. Install PolyLevel under footings
  5. Foundation has now been permanently stabilized


the results

A happy customer! 

The strata council was thrilled that the problem was taken care of once and for all.

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Date: September 2019
Time: Three days to complete job.
Geotechnical Engineer: Geoff Dyer, Terrane Geotechnical Ltd
Structural Engineer: Andrew McLellan, Structural Solutions Ltd
Certified Pier Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: (9) Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers and PolyLevel