Pepin Brook
Winery Estates Foundation


At Pepin Brook Vineyard Estates in Abbotsford, a 2010 home started to sink into the ground. It was obvious that the foundation needed repair because there was a large crack in the foundation wall as well as in the basement floor. Both floors of the home sloped down and several doors were sticking. The house had sunk towards the southeast corner 1 inch, which was the lowest point. Since the foundation itself was solid, TLC knew that the real problem was the soil beneath the home. The house was built on a back slope allowing for a walkout basement, so it is likely that the area was not properly compacted before the foundation was poured. If a permanent solution couldn’t be found, the house would continue to sink into the ground.


True Level Concrete installed 8 Push Piers along the settled corner of the foundation.  Along the foundation walls, TLC dug down to reach the bottom of the footing. The pier brackets were then installed directly under the foundation wall to hold it up like a seat. The piers were pressed down an average of 15′ before they reached solid bedrock. Lifting stations were then connected to each pier to lift the foundation to original heights. Each pile was filled with concrete, pressurized and locked off at the new height. After achieving new and proper heights, the voids under the footing were filled with an expanding foam. The expanding foam product from Supportworks is called PolyLevel and is a high-density polyurethane foam system. The interior slab that had settled with the foundation was also lifted and filled with PolyLevel.

Project Summary

Geotechnical Engineer: Al Dahlam, Levelton Consultants

Insurance Representative: Calum Coupland, Travelers Insurance

Certified Pier Installer: True Level Concrete Ltd.

Products installed: (8) Foundation Supportworks Model 288 Push Pier systems -PolyLEVEL