Second Story Deck Repair North Vancouver

June 12, 2024

This homeowner in North Vancouver had a second story deck that was only standing on temporary support beams. And it was already beginning to settle. The deck was sloping downwards, getting cracks in the wooden beams on top, and sagging. Since this deck was in full use and already “decked” out with furniture, our customer […]

Concrete Step Repair in Metro Vancouver

May 21, 2024

This homeowner in Metro Vancouver was concerned about their home’s broken concrete steps. They noticed that over time, the concrete steps at the front entrance to the home had began developing gaps and cracks between the steps. The homeowner also noticed that their driveway was cracking and sloping in areas. Afraid of the front steps […]

Restoring a Richmond Home with Foundation Repair

January 29, 2024

This homeowner in Richmond BC reached out to us as they were experiencing extreme settlement on one side of their home and seeking foundation repair. The Richmond area is highly prone to settlement due to the soft, consistently shifting soils. However, this home was showing signs of extreme settlement throughout the structure.         […]

Richmond Home Sunken Foundation Repair

October 17, 2023

The homeowner of this property in Richmond BC contacted us because their house was sinking on one side, causing multiple cracks in the ceiling and walls, sticking doors and windows, and pulling away from the driveway and patio. This situation was a concern for the homeowner, who couldn’t have peace of mind thinking about the […]

Abbotsford Stair Repair

March 3, 2023

Have you ever had an issue with your home’s front stairways settling or sinking? If so, you know how concerning it can be. In this case study, we look at how a homeowner in Abbotsford found a solution to help repair two front concrete stairways on their property with PolyLevel and Push Piers.   The […]

Richmond Foundation Repair

January 18, 2023

This Richmond homeowner called us because she noticed a crack around the foundation of her house and a sticking door. Her home inspector confirmed that those issues were a clear sign of foundation settlement.    She had recently bought her house and wanted to address the issues as soon as possible to avoid the property […]

Chilliwack Sunken Foundation

December 1, 2020

Challenge:   This Chilliwack landlord called us in early 2020 because his rental property had several foundation issues. He noted that there was a large crack in the foundation and that several rooms seemed to be off level. The customer actually contacted an engineer first, who did a report and noted that the sunken foundation […]

Gardenworks – Commercial Foundation Repair

March 5, 2020

Want to know the recipe to commercial foundation repair? Well, let’s talk about Gardenworks. Gardenworks is a massive garden center in Burnaby, BC. They sell everything from plants and landscaping supplies to home decor and gardening tools. Unfortunately, the business is located in a large building with major settlement issues. Until recently, the owners didn’t […]

Surrey Strata Complex Foundation Repair

October 10, 2019

the problem Recently, a Surrey strata council contacted True Level to repair a sunken foundation. A True Level estimator used onsite leveling instruments and a laser-level to observe the current elevations. The measurement readings and visual indicators showed up to ¾” – 1’ of differential movement concentrated on the outside South foundation wall. While that […]