Partial home area stabilized with polylevel and push piers

This Richmond homeowner called us because she noticed a crack around the foundation of her house and a sticking door. Her home inspector confirmed that those issues were a clear sign of foundation settlement. 


She had recently bought her house and wanted to address the issues as soon as possible to avoid the property losing value.


After looking for solutions online, she found True Level Concrete and reached out to us for a quote to fix her foundation settlement issues. 




The True Level team arrived on-site, did a walk-through of the work area with the homeowner, and got to work!   This job required Push Piers, as well as PolyLevel foam, so the first step was to hand excavate to the foundation footing in order to expose the foundation for our pier bracket installation. , Next, the brackets were secured to the footing and the push piers were driven into the soil to load-bearing pressures. The home was finally stabilized.  The last step of the process was then to  inject PolyLevel foam under the foundation and interior concrete slab to fill any voids and further stabilize the work areas.


As a result, this new homeowner was able to get the peace of mind she needed now that her home’s foundation was fixed!

If you notice a sunken foundation in your house, remember to contact us today and get a free quote.


Date: January 2023.

Time: 1 day to complete the job.

Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete.

Products Installed:  4 Piers and more than 99 lbs of PolyLevel material.