concrete step repair with piers

permanent Solution with push piers and polylevel


This homeowner in Metro Vancouver was concerned about their home’s broken concrete steps. They noticed that over time, the concrete steps at the front entrance to the home had began developing gaps and cracks between the steps.

The homeowner also noticed that their driveway was cracking and sloping in areas.

Afraid of the front steps sinking or collapsing, this homeowner was looking for a convenient and effective solution. Considering it was the front steps of this home, this homeowner was not keen on tearing out and re-building all new steps, so they needed a custom solution.

professional solution online when she found True Level Concrete and contacted us for help. All in all, they needed some concrete TLC.



We completed a thorough inspection of the front steps to determine what repairs would be the best solution for this unique issue. Our team detected settlement under the concrete stairs. This meant that there was not enough stability in the soils beneath the concrete steps, therefore they were sinking, forming gaps between steps and cracks.

We concluded that Push Piers were needed, combined with PolyLevel foam to level, lift, and permanently support the concrete steps.

The steps were curved and attached to the home on both sides, so, our crew had to work directly through them. With Push Pier and PolyLevel technology, this was totally doable for our crew.

With only a 6 inch hole patch and a few 1/4 inch patches, our crew installed push piers under the concrete steps. They lifted the steps back to original position and ensured that they are structurally sound.
Using PolyLevel, our team filled any voids beneath the steps, as well as lifted and levelled the driveway slabs.


The homeowner was incredibly happy with the result and had no idea this type of work was possible. This owner now has peace of mind that their concrete steps will no longer be sinking and remain stable for years to come.



concrete step repair step by step

  1. Our specialist determined that Push Piers and PolyLevel are the right solution to repair the concrete steps.
  2. Our crew prepped the steps by marking the areas and drilling accessible port holes.
  3. We carefully secured the brackets beneath the concrete steps.
  4. Piers were driven through the brackets into the soils below the steps until they reach competent soils.
  5. The pressure of the Piers pushing down on bedrock allows us to lift the structure.
  6. Once lifted back to level, the crew injected PolyLevel foam to fill the gaps and provide extra support.
  7. Finished off with gradually blending crack repair.

concrete steps repair broken infographicconcrete steps repair process after


Date: March 2024.
Time: 2 days to complete the job including driveway repair.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 27 lbs of PolyLevel, 4 Push Piers and corresponding steel channels.