Port alberni sunken foundation

Foundation repair and polylevel injection


The homeowner of this property in Port Alberni contacted us because their house had multiple cracks in the ceiling and walls plus the front corner of their house was sinking. This situation was a concern for the homeowner, who couldn’t have peace of mind thinking about the risks of living in a house with a foundation problem. 


He looked for a foundation repair company on the internet for a permanent solution to his problem and reached out to the best option out there: True Level Concrete.



Our team of installers arrived on-site, checked the area with the homeowner, and got ready to work! 

The homeowner welcomed our team of installers, who once on site checked the area and got ready to start! First, the footing was exposed and prepared for the brackets. Then, the brackets were secured to the footing, and piers were driven into the soil. The building was lifted up to its original level position and after that, the installers injected PolyLevel foam under the foundation and interior concrete slab to fill any voids. 


The process was as follows:

  1. Measurements were taken and estimate given
  2. Piles were driven under the foundation and the slab
  3. Hydraulic lifting rams were placed on the piles and lifted the foundation 12 inches
  4. True Level supported footing and slab with structural PolyLevel foam
  5. Foundation was permanently stabilized

The homeowner was beyond delighted that his house was “livable again” after the foundation was lifted back 12 inches and with the most minimal impact. 


If you notice you have a sunken foundation in your house, remember to contact us today and get a free quote!




Date: July 2022.

Time: 1 week to complete the job.

Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete.

Products Installed:  16 Piers and more than 2,000 lbs of PolyLevel material.