second story deck repair north vancouver

permanent fix for a sinking deck with push piers and polylevel


This homeowner in North Vancouver had a second story deck that was only standing on temporary support beams. And it was already beginning to settle. The deck was sloping downwards, getting cracks in the wooden beams on top, and sagging. Since this deck was in full use and already “decked” out with furniture, our customer was concerned about further settlement and damage. 

Good thing this homeowner found TLC. As BC’s trusted structural recovery contractor, our team was eager to complete this deck repair and give the homeowner peace of mind.


deck repair: SOLUTION 

We completed a thorough inspection of the deck and back patio to determine that settlement was causing these issues. Our team created a custom repair plan for this project that involved two of our tried and true systems: Push Piers and SmartJacks.

Our custom repair plan involved replacing the temporary support beams with permanent galvanized steel push piers extending from the second story deck all the way down to eventually reach load bearing strata. We attach the piers to the deck using a bracket from our SmartJacks system. After our repair, the homeowner will organize to install hollow wooden beams that will conceal the piers as well as complete the exterior look.

As a result, our push piers offer permanent support and stabilization for this deck. They also have the ability to lift the deck back to level, and reach deep enough to bedrock to ensure permanent structural integrity. 

Because the deck was settling, so was the patio beneath it. The concrete patio had cracked slabs, sloping, as well as uneven slabs. Our crew used our PolyLevel foam to re-level, lift, and restore support for the concrete patio as well. Finally, our crew finished off the repair by patching holes and repairing cracks in the concrete. 



galvanized steel pier supporting the deck
  1. Our specialist determined that Push Piers and SmartJacks together would be the right fix. For the patio, PolyLevel was the perfect solution.
  2. Our crew prepped the deck by installing additional temporary support beams for the duration of the project. 
  3. Our crew began by coring the areas of the patio where the supports would pass through and then began driving the piles. 
  4. We post pounded the piles until they reached load bearing strata or bedrock. One post was driven over 11 ft deep and the other was driven over 6 ft deep up to ground level. 
  5. Once the piles were driven, our crew measured out and added the final pier sections reaching from the ground up to the deck.
  6. Once the new support piers were in place, we were able to use the resistance of the piers to lift the deck back to its original level. We lifted over 1.5 inches. 
  7. Our crew carefully leveled, measured, and adjusted the deck and piers to be properly positioned and then secured the Piers to the deck using SmartJacks brackets. 
  8. We removed the temporary supports on the deck and began prepping the patio below for concrete repair. 
  9. We drilled small portholes into the slabs and injected PolyLevel foam to lift, level, and fill the gaps under the slabs and provide extra support.
  10. Finished off with patching the holes and any cracks.
Installing the pier support beams

benefits of our deck repair methods


This repair was completed in less than 1.5 days. With only a slightly bigger hole to the push pier, and a few ¼ hole patches from the PolyLevel installation, our crew was able to leave this back deck and patio looking brand new. Once the homeowner completes installing the beams around the piers, you would never even know that True Level was there, but you’ll feel the difference. 

The homeowner was incredibly happy with the result and finally felt confident using their deck and patio again. This owner now has peace of mind that they can use their deck for years to come without worrying about it sloping or failing.


Date: June 2024.
Time: 1.5 days to complete the job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 235 lbs of PolyLevel, 2 Push Piers and corresponding SmartJacks Brackets.