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Sunken Living Room Floor lifted & leveled in Mission, British Columbia

The Living Room Floor is part of a home that is 28 yrs old. The homeowners noticed that the slab floor had sunken. The homeowner wanted to put a new flooring system, with a proper long-term fix before all the effort and money was poured into the renovations.

True Level Concrete was asked to assess the problem. We did our evaluation/estimate and found that the floor was sunken from 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches. Our solution is to inject our PolyLEVEL system, which is the proper way to lift, level and stabilize the floor without adding weight to the soil settlement issue. PolyLEVEL foam is designed to lift heavy slabs, it is erosion proof, waterproof and forms a great insulation barrier and cures in 15 mins. 

We successfully lifted and leveled the floor and our clients were very happy and satisfied with the fix. Our homeowner also received a worry-free 5 yr warranty for this service.

Lifting sunken Front Porch in Maple Ridge, BC

Lifted sunken front porch by 2.5 inches on a rainy day. PolyLEVEL foam is not affected by rain, and it cures within 15 mins of installation.

It is hard to see where the ports are, as we patch the holes with existing pebbles in the aggregate surface.

Another very happy homeowner with a proper fix from True Level Concrete.

Back Patio in Port Coquitlam lifted & Leveled

Back patio had settled and sloping towards the foundation. This caused rain water to flow towards the foundation and water penetrated into the crawl space. The long term fix was achieved by injecting PolyLEVEL and the patio was sloped away from the foundation, thereby allowing the flow of rain water to drain away from foundation and preventing any tripping hazzard. The work was done at a house in Port Coquitlam, BC

Concrete Steps

Concrete Stairs had settled and titled away from house. We used PolyLEVEL to Lift, Align and Stabilize. This now prevents any slipping hazards and rain water drains away from foundation. This repair was done in Surrey, BC

Sunken Kitchen Floor in Surrey, BC

Homeowner wanted to do renovations and noticed the kitchen slab floor had sunken and there was at least 4.5 inches of settlement. This caused the back splash to seperate from the countertop in the kitchen. 

This house was appoximately 29 yrs. old and True Level was able to fix the floor by lifting and stabilizing it with our PolyLEVEL system, as shown in the AFTER photo.

Once again, the right solution with PolyLEVEL foam and another happy homeowner. 

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