Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Every project is different and the cost depends on scope of work, how much product needs to be installed, and the level of difficulty. Most of these items we cannot tell over the phone or through pictures which is why we offer free estimates so that a specialist can thoroughly review the area with you and then sit down and discuss your options and what the associated costs will be.


Do you work all year or just in nice weather?

We work all year in all types of weather. Concrete repair can be completed rain or shine. -However, if it’s raining heavily, some portions of a crack repair project will need to be rescheduled for a better weather day. Snow is an occasional hindrance, but we are thankfully located in an area that doesn’t get much snow in the winter.


Do you do crack repair?

We offer crack repair in conjunction with our concrete lifting or sealant services, but we do not offer crack repairs as a standalone service.


What is your service area?

Refer to our service map here.


When is payment required?

We require a 20% deposit and signed contract to confirm a project date in our calendar, then the remainder is due immediately upon completion of the project. Your crew leader can receive your cheque or take a credit card payment on site.


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept up to $7000 on credit card per project (including the deposit). So if your project total is over that amount, please be prepared to write a cheque for the remaining balance.


What is your warranty?
  • For concrete repair we offer a 5 year warranty on concrete slabs over 10 years old. 
  • Foundation repairs are warranted against future movement for 10 years, and the products are warranted against failure for 25 years.


How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for over 20 years. Since 1998 our focus has been dedicated to excellence in concrete restoration and structural repairs.


What is your covid-19 policy?

Refer to our Covid-19 policy here.


Do I need to be home for the estimate appointment?

Yes – it’s our policy to meet with the homeowner at the time of estimate so we can walk through the area together, and sit down afterward to discuss repair options.


Do you have any references or houses that I can look at?

Due to privacy, we cannot disclose names or addresses of previous customers. However, we have a number of case studies on our website you can review, and a large number of Google reviews you can look at.


How long will my job take?
  • It really depends on a number of factors. Most concrete lifting projects will be completed within a day, but your sales representative will let you know if it could take longer.
  • Foundation repairs also could be completed within 1-2 days, but larger structural projects may take a week or more to complete.


Can I live in the house while you are doing foundation work?

95% of the time, yes you can! Speak to your sales rep if you aren’t sure how this works.


What is the best time to get the work done?

We recommend getting any improvements done as soon as possible in order to protect your investment, since the cost of repairs will only increase over time. Learn more about why it’s important to protect your investment here.

Please note: there is often a waiting period once a project is confirmed, so if you have a specific timeline in mind we recommend booking your appointment sooner than later!


Can I do some of the work this year, and some next year when I have more funds?

It may be possible to split up the project if you wish, however it depends on the scope of work as there are some cases where it’s not possible to complete a project in two sections. We recommend completing the entire project at once, as this is the most affordable option.


Do you offer financing?

Yes! We offer financing through FinanceIt. Ask your sales representative for more information on this.


What is the difference between mudjacking and PolyLevel (polyurethane) lifting?

Refer to an informative post here.



Still have questions? You can send an email to or call our office at 604-589-4800.