Difference Between Mudjacking and PolyLevel

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Sinking concrete is a problem for many homeowners in Canada. Whether it’s a sidewalk that’s sinking toward your foundation, or uneven basement concrete, you will definitely want to repair it! The big question is: what is the best option to slabjack the concrete slab?



In case you weren’t sure, slabjacking is a general term that refers to methods of concrete lifting and repair. This blog post describes two main types of slabjacking. First of all, you have the traditional mudjacking. Mudjacking is when you drill multiple large holes into the concrete slab and fill the area with mud or cement slurry which attempts to lift up the slab. Sounds messy right? It is. It’s also a really heavy material which adds weight to the soil underneath and can cause more sinking. It takes several days to cure before you can walk or drive on it and is also prone to washing out over time.




Your other option for repair is called PolyLevel. PolyLevel is a type of high density foam that permanently lifts and stabilizes all kinds of sunken concrete. It does everything from void-filling to lifting sunken concrete floors. You can use this engineered product in any type of weather condition which makes it a great idea in every season.




How PolyLevel Works:

We inject the foam beneath the concrete through small, penny-sized holes. This is ideal because it means a non-invasive and clean repair. It’s a light material so it doesn’t add extra weight to the soils beneath it and is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it washing away after a heavy rainfall. The best part is that you can drive on it after just 30 minutes!


It’s really a no-brainer. If you want a long-lasting, cost effective and efficient repair, choose PolyLevel.

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