Langley sunken driveway

concrete lifting and crack repair in the garage and patio

We were contacted by the homeowner of this property in Langley, who had a sunken driveway, garage, and patio. His home also had some cracks that needed repair outside his home.


The sunken concrete in these areas was a concern for the homeowner, who was worried it could cause tripping hazards besides making the area look unpleasant to the eye. 


After looking for the best solution to his problem, he found True Level Concrete on the internet. He reached out to us to get an appointment and have his sunken concrete evaluated by one of our expert estimators, who explained how we lift and repair concrete slabs with PolyLevel and Nexus Pro.




Once the homeowner agreed to repair his concrete issues with us, our installers arrived on-site, checked the area with him, and got started.


They drilled holes in the concrete slab for the injection ports. Then, they injected PolyLevel foam under the concrete to fix the uneven concrete slabs in the garage, patio, and driveway. When the slabs were lifted, the installers used Nexus Pro to repair the cracks in the area. At cleaned the site and left the driveway like new.


The homeowner was pretty satisfied with the results and happy that he found us to help him with the best solution for concrete repair instead of old alternative methods that would’ve made the problem bigger.


If you have voids and concrete settlements on your patio or driveway, remember to contact us today and get a free quote!




Date: November 2022.
Time: A day to complete the job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete.
Products Installed: 643 lbs of PolyLevel and 65 ft of Nexus Pro.