Uneven concrete & Trip Hazards

Are you tripping on uneven concrete? Those trip hazards around your home could be putting your safety at risk and potentially causing issues in your daily activities. Concrete with trip hazards can be a pain, but who wants to undergo a whole driveway, patio, or concrete step replacement. Uneven concrete is a major issue for homeowners in Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, and Vancouver Island. Homeowners want a safe place for their loved ones, as well as, to maintain value on their investment. 

Why does it happen? Weak soils mixed with changing weather can expand, shrink, and shift the ground supporting your home and concrete slabs. This results in unstable and lessening of solis beneath the surface and the concrete begins to settle, or shift. As the concrete settles, it sinks into the weak soils, causing it to crack, tip, dip, and slide away. 

What starts as a concrete lip, could continue to move and get damaged over time. Broken and uneven concrete can devalue your home and affect your quality of life. However, replacing your concrete is not your only option. True Level Concrete are BC’s experts in concrete repair and restoration.

Why should I fix my home’s uneven concrete trip hazards?

Fixing your home’s uneven concrete might not have been on your mind, but leveling and lifting concrete is a cost effective alternative to replacing concrete. 


True Level Concrete can fix uneven concrete and fix trip hazards on: 

  • Interior floor slabs
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks 
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Concrete steps and porches 
  • Garage floors 
  • & more, just ask!


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How to fix uneven concrete

The best way to fix uneven concrete is to address the ROOT CAUSE which is the weak supporting soils beneath. Not only will this fix broken concrete and trip hazards, it can prevent further damage from occurring due to the settlement. 

Our concrete repair solution, PolyLevel foam, addresses the root cause of the problems and offers a long term fix with great warranty. Our concrete repair team can turn your uneven concrete into a stabilized and leveled surface. We can fix your uneven concrete, prevent future trip hazards in your concrete and finish off with blended NexusPro crack repair and protective sealant.

Caution tripping hazard sign

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