Trip Hazards

One of the biggest safety concerns with settled concrete is the trip hazards that occur from shifting slabs. Have you ever been walking down a street and stumbled over some uneven concrete? It’s a major issue for homeowners who want their home to be a safe place. Not to mention, the liability concerns. Thankfully, True Level is here to help! We can lift and align your concrete slabs and remove that trip hazard completely. Not only is it much safer, but it’ll look better too.

How did this happen?

It is the soil underneath the concrete slab that has caused the settlement. The soil has failed to support the concrete for one of these reason: drying and shrinking soils, wetting and softening of soil, poorly compacted fill soil.

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How to fix this

True Level can lift and level your sunken slabs, making your trip hazards a problem of the past. Once lifted, True Level can also seal any cracks, leaving the area smooth and safe so you can rest easy again.

Caution tripping hazard sign

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