Looking for a quick, easy method to fix concrete stairs? Concrete steps are prone to developing cracks, chips, gaps, and voids, especially on home’s in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland Area. Sure, broken steps add an eyesore to your home, but they are also a safety hazard. It is best to fix the problem sooner than later so that it doesn’t get worse.  

Concrete Stairs Settlement Before and After Repair

How to fix concrete stairs – quick and easy

Before you begin repairs, you need to address the cause of the issue. Are your concrete steps breaking because of structural damage, or is it simply a crack or chip in the concrete?

For concrete stairs that are cracked or chipped, you can DIY repair your concrete steps. 

How to fix cracks in concrete stairs

Check out our recent blog on how to repair cracks in concrete, and apply this method to the concrete steps. 

How to fix chipped concrete stairs 

For extensive chips or damage to concrete stairs, you might have to form a step mould for your repair. 

  1. Clean the area by chipping away any cracked or loose concrete pieces. 
  2. Create rebar by drilling holes horizontally into the concrete (slightly lower than the step surface) and drive screws into it.
  3. Prep the damaged area by washing away debris, dry, and then apply concrete bonding adhesive according to product instructions.
  4. If you are using a mould or form, spray it with cooking oil to protect it from sticking to the new concrete.
  5. Mix the concrete according to the instructions and apply to the damaged area, either using the step mould, or smoothing out with trowels. 
  6. Ensure the step is level, using your trowel to smooth out the edges and filling voids. 
  7. You can use a sponge to make the finishing touches, smoothing out the new concrete or adding texture to match the rest of your steps. 

How to fix sunken concrete steps or concrete steps with voids 

If your concrete steps are falling away from your patio or walkway, this could be a sign of structural damage, or settlement. If you have voids under your concrete stairs, this is also a sign of settlement. 

Repair or replace?

If your stairs have settlement issues, you will be advised that replacing your concrete steps is the only best option. However, that is not true, there is a cheaper, quicker, and effective option. For a more cost efficient solution, you can repair your concrete steps professionally with True Level Concrete. With expert concrete repair, our team can have your concrete steps transformed and structurally stable within a day. Repairing your concrete instead of replacing it, will save you lot’s of time and money by avoiding all the extra steps it takes to remove and re-build stairs. Although they won’t be brand new steps, your stairs will function as good as new.

Play Video Stair Repair Transformation

Professional concrete repair

Our team uses a combination of PolyLevel foam, concrete patching compounds and crack repair for cases like this. PolyLevel is our secret weapon, a high-density polyurethane foam that lifts and stabilizes concrete. 

With this method, our crew can transform your steps from structurally unstable and broken, to stabilized, levelled, and functional within a few hours. View some of our concrete step fixes in the photos and videos below.

Video Play Concrete step repair transformation