Warehouse Slab Stabilization

Driftwood Brewery



This isn’t our first rodeo! True Level has teamed up with local craft breweries to provide concrete and foundation stabilization. Driftwood reached out to us because they were expanding and needed a solid base to build their company on. Driftwood is one of the pioneers of craft beer in BC and even had most of the True Level crew enjoying IPA’s (Check out their selection).



In order to brew at a higher capacity, bigger machinery and extra weight had to be installed at the brewery. As Driftwood prepared the building drainage by cutting the concrete slab into sections, it was quickly noticed that there was void under the concrete slab. In some areas, up to 2 inches of void was seen beneath the floor, which was a big concern for Driftwood. This is a common problem in older buildings that are not built to hold excessive weight on their concrete floors. The brewery had plans to install big vats  as well as a bottling assembly line on the warehouse floor. With such voids, it was inevitable that the floor would settle, crack and fail in the near future. The voids needed to be filled throughout the warehouse to keep the concrete from failing.

on-site Video example

Our crew leader, JT, explains the on-site process of stabilizing concrete at the brewery.

  • We drilled a series of holes
  • Injected high density foam
  • Successfully stabilized floor


True Level provided a cost-effective solution to stabilize the warehouse, all while the brewery continued its operations! We used an expanding foam called PolyLevel inserted through 5/8″ holes to fill all the voids.

The exact process is as follows:

  1. Measurements taken across the slab
  2. Drill 5/8ths holes in a pattern across slab with void
  3. Insert expanding foam through special ports in each 5/8th hole
  4. Ensure that foam has filled all the voids and see foam reaching the sides of exposed concrete
  5. Remove special ports and fill holes with concrete
  6. Slab has now been stabilized and is ready to drive a forklift on within 30 mins.



Date: January 2018
Time: 1 day to complete job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 178ft3 of PolyLevel