The Owners

Cal Warkentin and Victor Balzer met at a young age when they both worked for a local framing company. Eventually, they joined forces and started their own framing company, quickly finding success. After a while, they started to notice a consistent problem with many houses they were working on:  structural settlement! They decided to start a new business that could address the foundation and concrete problems they were seeing all across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. 

Photo of Cal and Vic framing a new home, many moons ago.


Cal Warkentin


Family man & goofball. When Cal’s not inspecting foundations for settlement, he’s making sure that the company runs in excellence in every way. When Cal walks onto the jobsite he attracts attention and respect, due to his vast knowledge base and wide variety of construction experience. If anyone in the office has a complicated question about structures or build-type, we direct them to Cal who will inevitably educate us all.

In his personal life, Cal is really involved at his church, loves to spend time with his family (especially his granddaughter!) and enjoys only the finest blends of coffee. He’s a car guy too, and he loves to work on his ’65 Mustang in his free time. Fun fact, you’ll know he’s coming from a mile away because his Mission Impossible ringtone almost always precedes him!


Victor Balzer


The definition of ‘dad jokes’. He loves his dog, his family, and especially his grandchildren in New Zealand! His favourite quote is “Happiness is a sharp blade” and you definitely see that come into play in his day-to-day life. His love for chainsaws is incalculable, and nothing lights up his eyes like a brand new tool (Stihl pls sponsor us).

Vic is the type of person who always goes the extra mile. He’s often found picking up trash on 80th avenue, where our office is located, or saying hello to passers-by. He’s truly a kind and generous person, who puts others’ needs before his own and will work diligently to give every customer the best experience. 


These two love to get their hands dirty and are always willing to pick up the hammer themselves to show the crew how it’s done!


Vic and Cal have both spent time volunteering in the Dominican Republic, using their construction experience to build houses for those trapped in the cycle of poverty. They both came back with immense gratitude and a desire to give back to their community (both locally and internationally).  They have dedicated their lives to building a company based on their personal beliefs and integrity. Their goal was (and still is) to redefine the industry through excellence, hard work, building relationships with the customer to proving amazing overall service.

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