When it comes to lifting and stabilizing concrete with PolyLevel, one of the most frequently asked questions circles around the cost of this method: Is PolyLevel expensive?


The truth is raising and leveling concrete with polyurethane foam is less expensive than the cost of replacing and pouring new concrete. Of course, every job varies depending on several factors but fixing slabs with PolyLevel is usually around 40% to 60% cheaper than the replacement cost. 


Replacement costs more due to the amount of time it takes to remove the old slabs and replace them with new ones. It requires several visits, and you have to wait several hours to walk over the area again, while lifting with PolyLevel usually only takes one visit, and you’re ready to step on the area in half an hour! On top of that, pouring concrete can’t be done with one or two men.


Compared to the old-fashioned mudjacking, PolyLevel costs around 30% more, but it offers benefits that this traditional method lacks. For example, the foam won’t add weight to the existing soil and requires minimal disruption, among other advantages. Mudjacking could be considered “cheaper,” but one of the most significant drawbacks is that the slurry used is heavy, and that additional weight could worsen the problem, causing future settlement. 


The average cost of PolyLevel. 


The average cost of fixing a driveway or sidewalk with PolyLevel is between 2 to 6k CAD. Ultimately, the price of lifting and leveling concrete is based on the cubic feet of material that will be needed to level the affected area. But it is more complex than calculating square footage; we also have to consider the depth of the void, the access to the work areas, and the scope of the work. 


PolyLevel is affordable and comes with other benefits that others options won’t offer. One of them is the warranty to protect your investment. 


Before choosing a method to improve the concrete in your home, remember that you get what you pay for. Don’t focus only on the price; you have to check that this work is made by professional contractors with experience and high-quality materials.


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