These tips will help you inspect the foundation of your house in the lower mainland


If you suspect there is a problem with your home’s foundation, your house might give you the hints you need to take action. Some clues are really visual and will help you determine if you have an issue with your home. You just need to pay attention and look for them on the exterior part of your home. 


Before you call an expert, here are the four main visual clues to look for outside your house to know if you need to repair your home’s foundation:


1. Cracked Stucco. 

Stucco diagonal line cracks typically originate around door or window frames, but a crack or multiple cracks in your exterior stucco is not only unattractive; it could also be a red flag.

These cracks almost always indicate severe foundation damage resulting from foundation settlement. Foundation issues can develop right after the construction or years later as changes occur within the soils underneath your home. 


2. Chimney Separation 

In most cases, the concrete footing and the home’s foundation are poured simultaneously during construction. The chimney eventually separates from the house when the footing cracks or shifts. The conditions that compromise the footing pad and result in separation are the same problems that cause foundation trouble.

Chimney separation is impossible not to see; that’s why it is one of the most evident signs of foundation settlement. 


3. Foundation Cracks

If you see cracks in your foundation, don’t be scared! It’s normal and can be found in most homes. However, if these cracks are wider at the top than at the bottom and the other way around, it definitely indicates the foundation has moved and a tell tale sign of foundation settlement.


4. Uneven roof line.

Sometimes, you can also notice an uneven roof line, meaning the ground has shifted or the foundation has cracked. If you look closely, you can tell if there is a dip or a sag in a corner. You can also notice if the roofing has stretched at a certain angle. 


If you see any or all of these visual clues, the best option is to hire a professional team that will offer a permanent solution to protect the value of your home and give you the peace of mind you need. 

So look around for these symptoms but remember that you can always get a free consultation and estimate with us.