Welcome to 2024 Vancouver! The new year is upon us and its time to reflect on our goals and resolutions for the future. Let us guess… you’re thinking about maximizing your assets, protecting your investments, and making profits? 

Something that might not even be on your radar is concrete repair. When prioritizing finances, you would not think that concrete can have an impact on your savings, but it can! Repairing the concrete at your home can boost its curb appeal and resale value. Repairing your concrete foundation can also maximize your home’s overall value, permanently. 

From our team of leading experts, here are some tips for everything you need to know about concrete repair in Vancouver for 2024. 

Why should I fix my home’s concrete?

Concrete issues impact your life. Your home’s foundation, the structural stability, and safety of your home. Concrete repair in Vancouver is a common requirement because the soils around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are prone to settlement and erosion. This means that homes in Vancouver are constantly experiencing foundation or concrete issues.

Standing by while foundation or concrete problems get worse, decreases your home’s property value, overall safety, and appeal. Addressing concrete issues ensures a safe home and allows you to restore peace of mind.

concrete repair work truck on suburban street

When is the best time to fix my concrete?

There is never a bad time to repair your concrete (even in Vancouver). Our team of concrete experts have years of experience repairing concrete and foundations in any weather conditions including rain or snow. When you’re ready to repair your foundation or concrete, we’re ready. 

How urgent is concrete repair?

Concrete repair can be completed anytime but it is best to prioritize repairing. The rule of thumb when it comes to concrete repair is; the longer you wait, the worse and more expensive it will get. 

If your home is experiencing foundation issues, make sure to repair your foundation before undergoing any type of home renovations. Repairing your foundation first will ensure that you don’t run into expensive issues or damage to your home. 

Vancouver homes are heavily prone to settlement, if you don’t fix your home’s foundation, it will continue to settle and the next homeowner will have to repair it. Protect your investment, maximize your resale value, and fix your foundation while it’s more affordable. 

If you are living with children or seniors, repairing your foundation or concrete can help give you peace of mind that you have a safe and structurally sound home for your loved ones. 

Concrete repair in Vancouver is non-urgent but it should never be ignored. Your broken concrete or foundation won’t get better with time, it will get better with professional repairs. 

How do you maintain concrete in Vancouver

Maintaining your concrete in Vancouver is easy. Clean your concrete once per year and have it professionally sealed for protection. If your concrete is damaged, repairing it sooner helps avoid further damage or structural issues.

To clean your concrete, remove any dirt, debris, salt and grime. Seal your freshly cleaned concrete with a protective sealant

Failing to look after your concrete can lead to expensive issues down the road, so it is important to take care of your concrete and protect your investments. 

Ready to repair your concrete?

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