With time, homeowners will have to consider concrete repair methods for their patio, pool deck, sidewalk, driveway, or any other space with this material. And while they search for the best solution, they might find themselves searching about mudjacking. 


Mudjacking is the most-known solution for lifting uneven concrete slabs, but that doesn’t mean it is the best! It’s just one of the oldest. Below we’ll give three reasons why this method must be buried for good. 


  1. Material:
    You need a waterproof material to avoid repeating the cycle that caused the crack in your concrete: shrinking soil.  However, the material used in mudjacking does not have this property, so it will eventually break and cause the concrete floor to sink again if there is not proper drainage in the area and/or unsealed joints. 
  2. Weight:
    Mudjacking is like fighting fire with… more fire. The product pumped below the concrete will get incredibly heavy after one day, which is not good if you think about the reason that caused the uneven concrete in the first place: a heavy concrete floor over a poor base, will cause another settling with time. 
  3. Large holes:
    With mudjacking, there’s the need to drill holes with a size close to 2” inches! That’s the only way to pump the material under the slab. These holes not only look awful after the mudjacking, but sometimes they can cause more cracks in the concrete.


Now you have three good reasons to ditch mudjacking as a method to repair your concrete. We invite you to book an appointment with us to find out how we do it with foam technology!