Sticking Windows & Doors

Your windows and/or doors are sticking, jamming, or your doors have non-functioning locks. Some of the tell-tale signs are when your doors don’t open or close properly. Windows need extra force to open & close and there are some diagonal cracks that start at top corners of windows & door openings. Most of the time when windows and doors are sticking, the openings out of square.

While there are many issues that can lead to sticking windows and doors, the two most common foundation-related causes are settlement and crawl space supports that have settled, shifted, or deteriorated.

How did this happen?

It is the soil underneath the foundation that has caused the settlement. The soil has failed to support the foundation for one of these reason: drying and shrinking soils, wetting and softening of soil, poorly compacted fill soil.

How to fix this

With any of our foundation lifting and stabilization products, we can bypass the poor soil and stabilize your home on good soil deep beyond your footing.