water pooling

Water pooling is a common issue, especially in Vancouver. When it rains on our concrete most of the year, it is obvious when it becomes uneven. Pooling water anywhere around your home is not only an inconvenience, it could also be indicating something more. 

Why is pooling water bad? 

Water building up near your home is indicating that your home is vulnerable to settlement. In Vancouver, we see this problem often. Weak soils mixed with changing weather can expand, shrink, and shift the ground supporting your home. This results in unstable and lessening of solis beneath your home and it begins to settle. As the building settles, it becomes structurally unstable, forming cracks in the concrete slabs throughout your home. 

If you live in a rainy climate, water building up near your home could also mean that your home is now at risk for water leaks and damage.

How did this happen?

When slabs are poured next to a house foundation, they are supposed to be poured with a slight grade, so the water can still drain away from the house. This is called positive slope. However, something we see all the time is that the section closest to the house starts to sink down over time, and eventually causes ‘negative slope’ which is when you start to see water starting to pool next to your foundation. We definitely recommend fixing that as soon as possible to protect not only your foundation, but your soaking wet shoes. Contact us today for a free estimate to lift and restore your concrete!


How to fix water pooling

The best way to eliminate pooling water is to find the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. When settlement causes water to collect around your home, stabilizing your home foundation is the best option to prevent further issues. 

Our foundation repair solutions address the root cause of the problems and offer a permanent fix with a great warranty. Our proven solutions can provide you with lasting stabilization in your home, restore safety, and your peace of mind. 

See the industry leading products that we use for foundation repair below.