Pooling Water

If you live in a rainy climate (we’re talking about you Vancouver!) then you know that pooling water is a very common issue. It’s especially problematic though when the water is pooling up against your house foundation because trust me, you don’t want that water seeping into your house! When slabs are poured next to a house foundation, they are supposed to be poured with a slight grade, so the water can still drain away from the house. This is called positive slope. However, something we see all the time is that the section closest to the house starts to sink down over time, and eventually causes ‘negative slope’ which is when you start to see water pooling next to your foundation. We definitely recommend fixing that as soon as possible to protect not only your foundation, but your soaking wet shoes. Contact us today for a free estimate to lift and restore your concrete!

How did this happen?

The issue isn’t usually the concrete, it’s actually the soil underneath it! When the soils are displaced or washed away, the slab starts to settle.

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How to fix this

With any of our concrete lifting and stabilization products, we can fill the voids and lift the concrete back to it’s original height, restoring positive flow away from your home.