Cracks In Drywall

Weak soils and changing weather can shift the ground supporting your home. When poor soil conditions begin to affect your foundation, your home settles. The first tell-tale signs appear as gaps in the weak areas around doors, windows and vents.

What starts as a small hairline extending from the corner of your door or window frame will soon become an eyesore. Gaps in the frames and difficult or jammed doors and windows are all signs that your foundation might be settling.

How did this happen?

It is the soil underneath the foundation that has caused the settlement. The soil has failed to support the foundation for one of these reason: drying and shrinking soils, wetting and softening of soil, poorly compacted fill soil.

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How to fix this

With any of our foundation lifting and stabilization products, we can bypass the poor soil and stabilize your home on good soil deep beyond your footing.