alternative foundation repair methods

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Yes, there are alternative house foundation repair methods.
Foundation repair is an important part of protecting your home and investment. 

There are a couple of options for you to fix your foundation and we have laid them out for you here. Some options are more effective than others and while seeking the best option for your goals, timing, and budget, it is best to know the facts. The most common alternative foundation repair methods include total foundation replacement, concrete underpinning, and doing nothing at all.

Total Foundation replacement

With total foundation replacement, the soil is first excavated from around your foundation walls. Then, the house is jacked up and the slab floor and foundation walls are removed. Finally, the foundation is built and the soil is replaced.

Not only is replacement extremely disruptive, and expensive, the real problem is that it doesn’t address the issue. The foundation isn’t the problem, the soil is the problem. You’ve simply built a new foundation in the same troublesome soil, so you can expect that you new foundation will “break” just like the old one.

Concrete Underpinning

Concrete underpinning is when soil is excavated from around the foundation and larger concrete footings are poured beneath the existing footings. Once the concrete has cured, the soil is backfilled.

Most of the time, concrete underpinning does not extend past the “active zone” and beyond the troubled soils. I other words, the soil beneath these newly beefed-up footings may still be moving, causing the home to continue to move.

Not doing anything

Foundation and concrete problems won’t go away or fix themselves. They worsen over time, sometimes resulting in severe damage. The sooner these issues are addressed and permanently fixed, the more economical the solution and the less risk of danger or injury to you, your family or guests.

These aren’t just issues for those who own an older home, either. In a recent study, Consumer Reports found 15% of new homes had serious foundation repair needs.


Why should you fix your foundation

Your home is the biggest investment. Fix your foundation problems for safety, peace of mind, and ROI.


Without a proper solution, foundations and concrete pads can eventually crack, buckle and collapse, leading to serious safety hazards.

Peace of Mind

Finding a permanent solution to your foundation and concrete problems is the surest way to get on with your life, and check a major concern off your list.

Return on Investment

Taking care of your foundation repair and concrete repair needs before the realtor or future buyer requires it not only mean making more money on the sale, it means enjoying your home more in the meantime.

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