Vancouver Home interior Concrete Lifting

Interior Concrete lifting and stabilization

This home in Vancouver had a serious case of sunken slabs. In the images, you can see that the foundation had not sunk, but the slabs did significantly. This left gaps between the concrete slabs and foundation and sunken areas around the slabs. So, this homeowner contacted True Level Concrete to perform concrete lifting to bring the slab back into place and re-enforce the structural integrity of the floor.  


It was no question that this job called for PolyLevel.  PolyLevel Foam was the ultimate solution for concrete lifting for this floor. PolyLevel can bring the slabs back up to proper level, as well as ensure stability and security. 


THE Concrete Repair PROCESS

PolyLevel foam is an ideal, and quick fix for lifting concrete slabs that are settling or sinking. First, our crew inspected the layout and then decided which locations were best to install the PolyLevel injection ports. Dispersed across the floor evenly, these ports were inserted to ensure maximum surface area coverage to offer the best support to the slabs. 

Next, our crew began administering the PolyLevel Foam while monitoring the slabs levels.


How does PolyLevel work?


PolyLevel Foam works by creating small holes through the concrete slabs and then injecting the lightweight PolyLevel foam through the ports and beneath the slabs. As it is injected into the ground, the foam expands and begins to cure. This forms a high strength, evenly distributed cushion for the slab to sit on. The foam expanding and curing helps lift sunken areas of concrete back up to their original elevation level and ensures stability. 


PolyLevel also helps prevent future concrete shifting from occurring as the gaps or voids under the concrete and within the soil particles get filled. 


Our crew administered the PolyLevel carefully and strategically.  They ensured that all areas of the concrete slab were lifted and levelled to meet the remaining foundation and provide support for the floor. 


For the final touch, our team refilled the holes left by the PolyLevel ports and also filled in some large gaps where the concrete had broken due to the sunken slab.


This entire repair process took our crew less than a couple of hours. The slabs evenly levelled and fully supported and are the perfect canvas to install flooring.


Do you have a sunken concrete floor?

Have you noticed sunken concrete issues at your home, or have experienced some concrete hazards?

This is a common issue but can have a negative effect on your home value or maintenance plans. Don’t wait for the issue to get worse, it might be time to consider concrete repair.


We offer efficient and reliable solutions using PolyLevel Foam injections which will help lift and stabilize your foundation and concrete slabs quickly and effectively — all while providing peace of mind thanks to our warranty coverage! 


Contact our team to discuss your options as well as receive a free inspection and estimate for your concrete repair issues.


Date: August 2023.

Time: Two hours to complete the job.

Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete.

Products Installed:  Minimal crack filler and 76.5 lbs of PolyLevel material.