Surrey slabjacking and Crack repair

homeowner chooses long lasting concrete fix

This Surrey homeowner called True Level because her sidewalk had sunk and cracked in multiple places, and she hoped that slabjacking would be a good long lasting solution. The homeowner was concerned because the sidewalk leading up to her front door had sunk and cracked in several places. She was especially worried that friends or family might trip on their way into her house. Plus, she wanted to update the appearance of her home! After the estimate appointment, the homeowner decided to go with True Level because of the prompt customer service with her online inquiry which set a great tone for the whole experience.



Once the True Level installers arrived on site, they reviewed the area with the customer and prepared the work area. The homeowner mentioned that she really appreciated that foreman walking through the process with her before starting. The installation process began by drilling 3/8-inch holes in the concrete slab for the injection ports. PolyLevel was then injected under the slab,  causing the concrete to lift in a slow and controlled manner.

After the installers lifted and stabilize the concrete, the small holes were patched with a high-strength mortar mix to become virtually undetectable, easily blending in with the existing concrete. Then, the cracks were filled with a flexible caulking material called Nexus Pro. Once Nexus Pro was applied, small pebbles and rocks were diligently placed in the sealant to blend it in seamlessly with the rest of the sidewalk.


Here’s the whole process step by step:

  1. Drill holes where PolyLevel is to be installed
  2. Inject PolyLevel to fill all voids and lift settled concrete
  3. Patch holes and seam cracks
  4. Blend seams with the rest of the concrete
  5. Clean site

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Date: November 2019
Time: Half a day to complete job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 93 lbs of PolyLevel, 6 feet of Nexus Pro