Concrete Lifting with PolyLevel

Surrey homeowner relies on True Level to improve home safety

In early January, 2019, a customer contacted True Level because he had some major tripping hazards in his front walkway. These trip hazards were created over time as the concrete sunk down several sections. This occurred because the soils beneath the concrete had shrunk and moved, which caused the concrete to fall along with it.  (Click here to learn more about why concrete settles over time). Ultimately, the customer was concerned that his elderly mother-in-law, who had recently moved in, would  fall and injure herself on the uneven slabs.


the process

Once the installers are on site, a trained foreman assesses and prepares the work area. The installation process starts with drilling 3/8-inch holes in the concrete slab for the injection ports. PolyLevel is then injected under the slab, allowing a precise and controlled lift.

After the installers lift and stabilize the concrete, the small holes are patched with a high-strength mortar mix and become virtually undetectable, easily blending in with the existing concrete.


  1. Drill holes where PolyLevel is to be installed
  2. Inject PolyLevel to fill all voids and lift settled concrete
  3. Patch holes and seam cracks
  4. Blend seams with the rest of the concrete
  5. Clean site


the results

A happy customer!

“True Level Concrete performed incredibly well. My concrete sidewalks are 20 years old and were a tripping hazard. The crew kept me informed, worked quickly and left my sidewalks clean, safe and level. Also, less cost than replacement.” – Victor from Surrey

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Date: January 2019
Time: Half a day to complete job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 123 lbs of PolyLevel