Richmond Poor Soil
Residential Home


Richmond is known for having soft, shifting soils that cause foundation problems. Recently, True Level Concrete was asked to stabilize the perimeter of a sinking Richmond home. The 2-story residential home had sections that were sinking up to 7.5”! The homeowners were very anxious about safety because the floors were dramatically sloped. There were large cracks along the foundation and the interior concrete slabs. There were also big gaps between the living room ceiling and wall and between the ground floor and foundation wall.


True Level Concrete installed 21 Supportworks Push Piers around the home. Because of particularly unstable soils in the area, True Level also used their exclusive pier-pad technology at the base of each pier to offer further support. Pier-pads are a product that True Level engineered which uses a 2’ x 2’ cube of gravel fill beneath the foundation footing. Then, a pad is inserted under the footing in a specific placement for the pier bracket. TLC used these pier pads to lift and stabilize the home. At the same time, they injected PolyLevel foam beneath the concrete floors to fill the empty spaces and help with the lifting process.

The customer’s objective to stabilize and lift the sunken portions of the house were successful and they were thrilled to have a secure place to live again.