New Westminster LOADING bay Concrete Repair

commercial Concrete filling and levelling


Our latest commercial project took us to a large loading bay in New Westminster. This high-traffic loading bay was made of concrete floors and experiencing wash out and void under the slabs.  Leaving little support for the heavy vehicles and machinery in the space, our client needed an effective solution that would allow traffic to continue flowing in and out of the garage. Our client needed a solution that was non-invasive, quick, and addressed their concerns.

The Issue:

  • Sunken & unsupported concrete
  • High-traffic loading bay
  • Unable to shut down for repairs

The Solution: 

Calling in the True Level Concrete team for commercial concrete repair.

THE Concrete Repair PROCESS

There are many vehicles flowing through the loading bays throughout the day, so maintaining a safe avenue for traffic is paramount. 

We used PolyLevel foam to fill, support, and stabilize the concrete.

PolyLevel is a lightweight liquid solution that gets injected under the slabs as a liquid, and then expands into a high-density foam. It is a hydrophobic foam that will not wash out or allow water to invade and its high density allows for it to lift, support, and stabilize extremely heavy loads. It’s an environmentally friendly material that will not degrade over time.


As a bonus, this method of repair allowed for traffic to continue going in and out of the loading bay area even during the height of our project.

This was the perfect solution for this project.

PolyLevel Void fill infographic

Step by step


  1. First, our crew assessed the project and marked off certain areas to prepare for ports.
  2. Then, our crew drilled and installed evenly spaced injection ports into the slabs.
  3. Using PolyLevel mechanisms, our team carefully injected the foam beneath the slabs.
  4. Monitoring the PolyLevel, our team filled the voids beneath the slabs .
  5. Moving through the space, our crew worked carefully and efficiently, ensuring to make space for traffic and keeping loading docks open.
  6. Our crew finished each section by patching and seamlessly sealing all the port holes.


It might not look different from here, but the entire floor is now filled and supported with PolyLevel foam. 

Issues Addressed:

  • Sunken concrete slabs
  • Unsupported floor
  • Sagging areas
  • Voids under concrete slabs

PolyLevel concrete repair is a highly effective and non-invasive process. It is a perfect solution to avoid the hassle of removing and replacing concrete and can be completed in a short amount of time for convenience. 


Concrete Repair & Free estimates

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Date: March 2024.

Time: 5 days to complete project.

Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete.

Products Installed:  16,585 Lbs. PolyLevel Material.