Maple Ridge home Garage & Driveway Repair

concrete Lifting and levelling



One of our recent projects brought us to this home in Maple Ridge for Concrete Garage & Driveway Repair.


This home in Maple Ridge was experiencing settlement under the garage and driveway. Unfortunately, this concrete was poured with some settlement already in the centre, which created a u shaped surface or, a smile on the surface. 

Smile in the concrete leaves a 2 inch gap from level in the centre.


This Maple Ridge homeowner contacted True Level Concrete because as the weather got colder, their concrete began to cause concern. They were concerned most about the gap that the sunken concrete had created under the garage door. The homeowner was concerned about pests, cold air, and water leaks, considering they were already experiencing water damage and cold air in the home.


The goal: To eliminate the main concern which is the gaps under the garage door and repair all other resulting damage caused by settlement such as gaps and cracks.



Our team of installers arrived on-site, checked and cleared the area, and then got ready to work! 

Step by step

The process was as follows:

  1. Our crew determined where PolyLevel was needed to fill voids and level the concrete
  2. They drilled small portholes into the slabs strategically placed to meet our repair goals
  3. We injected PolyLevel foam under the garage slab, first filling voids, then monitoring the lift, ensuring it lifts evenly and fits level with the home and adjacent slabs
  4. Our crew used a rope slack line to monitor progress on the smile concrete lift
  5. Once the slabs were lifted and levelled, our crew injected PolyLevel into the driveway slabs to level with the garage
  6. Then the crew injected PolyLevel under the sides of the driveway slabs and concrete steps to fill the voids
  7. Our crew completed the final touches by repairing cracks, cleaning the area, filling and sealing the holes


Check out this home’s transformation video here.

PolyLevel was the best choice for this Maple Ridge home’s garage door gap concerns. 

PolyLevel polyurethane foam is a convenient, economical, and effective solution for a case of sunken, broken concrete and voids like this. It is also a much more efficient option than replacing concrete. As a result, our crew came to site at 9 am and finished the project before the end of the workday! 

Our team ensures that there are no gaps left in the garage door or under the walls of the home. Although the smile in the concrete could not be fully flattened since the concrete was poured into that shape, they still managed to address the concerns. All the slabs were levelled with one another, eliminating all trip hazards and gaps. The driveway, garage, and walkway had been completely filled with PolyLevel foam ensuring structural stability and preventing further damage.

As a result, we left this home with a fully lifted and stabilized floor, ready to take on the changing weather!

If you are in need of Concrete Repair in Maple Ridge, or noticed you have issues that could be related to your concrete deteriorating in your Vancouver or Lower Mainland home, please contact us today for your free estimate and assessment!



Date: January 2024.

Time: 7 hours to complete the job.

Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete.

Products Installed:  PolyLevel Foam