Interior Slabjacking in East Vancouver



This East Vancouver home was purchased in 2017. When the new owners moved in, they noticed that the floor was unlevel in many rooms. The floor was sloping towards the outer foundation walls and was causing many problems. There were many signs of concrete settlement so the homeowners called True Level Concrete for an evaluation. During the assessment, True Level noticed that there were large gaps between the carpet and baseboard which is a clear indication of settlement. Other signs include cracked tiles, cracks in drywall, and gaps between the interior walls and the concrete slab. TLC took measurements that showed the floor almost 3.5 inches off level in most areas. The homeowner and True Level both agreed that PolyLevel was the best solution for their problem. 


The solution was to install PolyLevel on the entire lower floor of the home. PolyLevel works in a few different steps. Since this home was equipped with in-floor radiant heating, True Level did not want to drill through a pipe and cause damage. The team surveyed the concrete with a thermal camera that showed exactly where the lines were in order to avoid them. The following steps are outlined here:


  1. Drill holes where PolyLevel is to be installed
  2. Inject PolyLevel to fill all voids and lift settled concrete
  3. Patch holes


It’s important to know how PolyLevel works. The Poly is injected through a port and enters under the slab in a fluid state. Once under the slab, the PolyLevel fills all voids and begins to expand. Our skilled technicians know where and how much to add, ensuring that the concrete slab gets lifted with precision. Once injected and after lifting, the PolyLevel becomes very hard and strong, securing and stabilizing the slab better than any other alternative. The PolyLevel foam has now fully lifted, void filled, and insulated the interior slab producing a safer and more secure home.

Project Summary

Date: December 2017
Time: 1 day to complete job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 133ft3 of PolyLevel