Highway 1 Weigh Station

Concrete repair for the ministry of transportation
True Level was contacted in October of 2018 by a representative from Emil Anderson Maintenance Co. (EAM) who arranges work on behalf of BC’s Ministry of Transportation. One of their latest projects is a weigh station off of Highway 1 near Hope.



This particular weigh station had a 10 foot by 13 foot concrete section which had started to settle, likely due to the weight of heavy trucks driving over it every day. The concrete had settled so much that it was causing a “speedbump” effect for all the truck driving over. Every time a vehicle drove over it, the concrete would sink down and bounce, due to the significant voids beneath the concrete. Not to mention it was a major tripping hazard and eyesore to passers by. If the problem wasn’t addressed immediately, it would lead to further settlement and potential vehicle damage.




The client chose True Level because we were able to provide a thorough estimate, and were able to complete the project at an expedited timeline. To repair this hazard, True Level used a PolyLevel foam injection system to fill the void beneath the slab and lift back to original heights. Here’s how we did it:

Concrete drilling

First, crew members drilled small 5/8″ holes in the slab.


Concrete lifting using a hammer tool

Next, they hammered in the injection “ports”.

True Level truck and traffic cones for concrete lifting

Then, the lightweight foam was injected through the ports. The structural bearing PolyLevel foam expanded beneath the slab and lifted the slab back into position while also sealing the base of the slab. The foam is extremely lightweight and cures within 15 minutes of injection. We used a total of 110 pounds of PolyLevel material to complete this project.

Staff highway concrete lifting

Lastly, the small  injection holes were patched and blended into the rest of the aggregate finish.

Highway concrete lifting

The crew members thoroughly enjoyed partnering with EAM and the Ministry of Transportation on this project. The heavy rains did not deter them and the job was fully completed within one day. The representative from Emil Anderson was impressed with the PolyLevel system and with the work ethic of the True Level crew members. True Level hopes to partner with the Ministry and EAM again for more projects like this in the future!



Date: October 2018
Time: 1 day to complete job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete
Products Installed: 110 lbs of PolyLevel