delta front entryway repair

concrete leveling and crack repair

We were called by the homeowners of this property in Delta because the front entryway had settled. The void between one of the house’s columns and the floor was around 4 inches! And there were some cracks in the area that needed to be repaired.


They didn’t like the appearance of their entryway and were also worried it could become a trip hazard for the people living there and to visitors. This is why they were looking for the best solution to this concrete problem.


Someone told them about what we do at True Level Concrete and they reached out to us. After booking and an appointment, they got a proper evaluation of their issue from one of our concrete experts and decided to fix their problem with our solution




The team arrived and checked the area with the homeowners. Our installers started by drilling holes in the concrete slab for the injection ports. Then, they injected PolyLevel foam under the concrete, filling the voids and allowing a controlled lift to close the opening beneath the column. Once the slab was lifted, the installers used Nexus Pro to seal the cracks in the area. After cleaning the area, the entryway looked brand new! The homeowners were really happy with the outcome. 


If you have voids and concrete settlements on your entryway, garage, sidewalk or any other concrete surface, remember to reach out to us! 



Date: October 2022.
Time: Half a day to complete the job.
Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete.
Products Installed: 150 lbs of PolyLevel, and Nexus Pro.