City of Richmond
Bridge Stabilization


The City of Richmond contacted True Level Concrete to address a void at a drainage canal bridge. The concrete slabs approaching the bridge at Fraserside Gate and Westminster Highway in Richmond were misaligned and sinking. The slabs needed to be structurally stabilized quickly before any more damage could occur.



True Level Concrete filled the void underneath the concrete slabs using PolyLevel. PolyLevel is an exclusive high-density foam injection system which offers a long-lasting solution to sinking concrete problems. Current research shows that traditional methods of repair such as diamond grinding or removal and replacement of the concrete are temporary, expensive, time consuming, and fail to address the underlying cause of the problem – the soils beneath the slab. 

True Level Concrete used the Polylevel system injected through 5/8” injection ports through a sand-bag retaining wall along the side of the bridge. Our pressure-injected polyurethane foam expanded and filled all of the void under the bridge.

True Level addressed the problem effectively and with little inconvenience to the public. PolyLevel was perfect for this job because of the quick cure time, high compressive strength, and efficient installment.