Burnaby 6 Inch Lift


In Burnaby, British Columbia, True Level Concrete was asked to lift and level a home that was not structurally sound. The 2-story home was sinking into the earth which caused the floors to slope. In fact, if you put a marble on the floor it would roll to the other side! This was making the owners feel unsafe. The home sunk half an inch at one side and a full 6 inches at the other. Can you imagine how disconcerting that would be? Another sign of foundation settlement was the appearance of several large cracks at different locations along the foundation.  To stabilize the home, True Level had to find a way to bypass the unstable soils beneath the foundation. Anything other than fixing the soil problem would not be a long term solution.


True Level Concrete came up with a solution that was quick to install and caused very little disturbance to the existing structure. The whole project was supported by geotechnical and structural engineers. To fix the tilted home, True Level installed 23 Supportworks push-pier systems to the underside of the exterior and interior foundation walls. Steel piles were then driven down an average of 20 feet below the foundation footing until they hit solid bedrock. After the piles were driven, TLC  used hydraulics to lift the house back to original heights where it was stabilized on the bedrock 20 feet below rather than on the problem soils directly beneath the foundation.

Once the house was lifted, True Level Concrete injected PolyLevel, which is a high density polyurethane expanding foam, to fill the new void beneath the foundation. An interior floor was also lifted and stabilized with our PolyLevel system.