warehouse interior Concrete repair

Interior Concrete lifting and foundation stabilization


NSD Warehouse & Distribution is a large functioning warehouse in Abbotsford, BC. In 2021, they were hit badly with the floods which left the warehouse settled, and with structural issues in need of concrete repair. 

Following the floods of 2021, this warehouse needed some serious TLC and concrete repair to get it back on track.

The water from the floods rose over the foundation line which caused the soils below to become extremely soft. Once the water receded, the soils below compacted immensely, causing severe settlement.

Since the warehouse stores heavy materials and machinery, there were several areas of the structure that sank, dipped, and settled into the compacted, soft soil. This caused sagging floors, dips and kick-ups in slabs, sticking doors and warped frames.

The Solution?

Calling in the True Level Concrete team.

THE Concrete Repair PROCESS

We used PolyLevel foam to lift, level, and stabilize the structure.

PolyLevel is a lightweight liquid solution that gets injected under the slabs and expands into a high-density foam once. It is a hydrophobic foam that will not wash out or allow water to invade and its high density allows for it to lift, support, and stabilize extremely heavy loads. As a bonus, this is an environmentally friendly material that will not degrade over time.

This was the perfect solution for this project.


Step by step


  1. First, our crew determined where the issue needed to be addressed and marked off the area to prepare for ports.
  2. Then, our crew drilled and installed evenly spaced injection ports into the slabs.
  3. Using two PolyLevel mechanisms at once, our team carefully injected the foam beneath the slabs.
  4. Monitoring levels, sagging, and shifting, the concrete was raised back into place.
  5. Our crew finished by patching and seamlessly sealing all the port holes.



Our hard work paid off with a fully stabilized, levelled, and functional warehouse. The weight of the heavy materials and machinery are fully supported with peace of mind knowing that further settlement is prevented.

Issues Addressed:

  • Sunken concrete slabs
  • Trip hazards
  • Sagging floor
  • Voids under concrete slabs
  • Areas of pooling water
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Further settlement & future issues

PolyLevel concrete repair is a highly effective and non-invasive process. Not only are we resolving the structural issue, we are also preventing this from worsening and causing future issues. Throughout the duration of this project, the employees at the warehouse were still able to continue working as normal, and they were able to use the repaired surfaces almost immediately following the fix.


Our project with NSD Warehouse & Distribution underscores the power of a team of concrete repair experts. With our knowledge and capabilities, NSD Warehouse & Distribution was able to completely repair the structural damage left by the floods without having to sacrifice production hours, or undergoing invasive and expensive concrete replacement.

Concrete Repair & Free estimates

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Date: August 2023.

Time: One business week to complete project.

Certified PolyLevel Installer: True Level Concrete.

Products Installed:  22,200 Lbs. PolyLevel Material.