Have you noticed foundation cracks on your home? What are the odds that you’ve Googled it, just to be told that your home is sinking and it’s too late to fix the damage. Well, that is not always the case and foundation cracks are not always a sign to worry. 

This is your worry-free guide to foundation cracks and what to do next if your home has them.

What are foundation cracks?

Foundation cracks are a very common occurrence when it comes to structural issues. They are breaks that appear in a home’s foundation, walls, and concrete. 

Foundation cracks can be caused by:

  • Settlement 
  • Poor foundation drainage 
  • Natural disasters 
  • Construction problems 

But, the top cause of cracks in your foundation is: Settlement

Settlement happens when homes are built on expansive and shrinking soils and natural weather changes. This is a highly common issue throughout the Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, and Vancouver Island regions. 

Not all foundation cracks are a cause for panic. The natural settlement process of concrete can cause hairline cracks at any point in time. However, very large cracks, or cracks that grow over time could be indicators for a more serious issue. 

Types of Foundation Cracks & Severity

Types of foundation cracks

I have foundation cracks: What to do next 

I have something like this:

Hairline crack examples

If you have hairline cracks, just keep an eye on them over time. Monitor if they are growing or expanding. If they are growing, they might be indicating structural damage occurring. 

I have something like this:

Large foundation crack examples

If you have large cracks, or cracks that are: 

  • Wider than ¼ inch
  • Wider at one end 
  • Cracks that are getting bigger over time
  • Diagonal cracks in walls or foundation 
  • Cracks that go across the ceiling, down a wall

The next best thing to do is to get a professional opinion. You could either call an engineer for an inspection. Or you could get in touch with our team of specialists for a free assessment and quote

How are foundation cracks repaired? 

Foundation issues – including large cracks are repaired through underpinning methods using galvanized steel piering systems such as push piers, helical piers, and pier pads. Find out more about our foundation repair process here

More indicators of settlement:

Home animation with foundation issues and structural issues