Concrete topping

When should you use?

Concrete topping is pretty cool. It can give old concrete an attractive finish, a little shine and a fresh colour. If you’re renovating your Mercedes-Benz showroom (as one does), a smooth, shiny concrete topping might be the way to go.

Let me paint a picture of a common experience:

You decide to finally replace that ridiculous, mustard yellow shag carpet in your family room with that gorgeous hardwood you’ve been saving for. However, when you finally pluck up the courage to rip up the carpet you find that the concrete below has sunk down several inches, leaving one side of your family room lower than the other. You’re a diligent homeowner so you know that you need to level the floor before putting in the new hardwood and you figure you should install a concrete topping to level the floor. Maybe you can do it yourself to save costs, and no one will see it under the hardwood! Sounds perfect right?

Well here’s True Level’s expert advice: Find out what’s causing the problem and choose your solution based on that.

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Why is your concrete sinking?

Because the soil beneath your concrete is sinking. Depending on where your house is located, it could be any number of reasons why the soil has failed. The soils dry out and shrink, get wet and soften, or they could be poorly compacted fill soils. When interior floors settle, there are pockets of void beneath the slabs. The concrete is only partially supported and is just waiting to crack and break. Unfortunately, if you put topping on top of the concrete, it adds an additional weight to the top of your concrete and will  actually cause the slab to settle or crack at a faster rate.

Fix the real problem, don’t use a band-aid!

Benefits of PolyLevel
  1. Job completed and ready for hardwood within 1 day.
  2. PolyLevel is installed beneath the concrete, thus addressing the underlying soil problem
  3. PolyLevel cures within 15 minutes of installation
  4. Insulates the floor
  5. It’s a long term solution! Our company is constantly lifting floors with layers of topping on it. Eventually, you’re going to have to do the correct fix and it’ll involve ripping out your nice hardwood 

We don’t want to say slabjacking vs concrete topping, because they’re totally different services that often work hand in hand. If you use them in the correct application, you’ll be set! You can have stabilized, beautiful shiny concrete in all of your Mercedes-Benz showrooms if you’d like. Just remember, PolyLevel first, topping after.

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