Cracked walls, windows, doors that stick, and uneven or sagging floors are the symptoms of a home’s foundation problem. After research, homeowners usually find out that they have a sinking foundation, but the question is, can their foundation be fixed?

The truth is that foundation problems never fix themselves and if we let the symptoms continue, foundation issues would impact the safety of your home, your home’s value, and last but not least, your peace of mind. 

There are many signs and symptoms that may indicate your home is experiencing a foundation settlement problem: stair-step cracking, separating chimneys, and problems with doors and windows.

The causes of foundation settlement can vary. It can be due to drying and shrinking of soil, wetting and softening of soil, or compression of poorly compacted fill soil. 

Whatever the cause is, there are two options that work great to fix a foundation settlement: Steel Push Piers and Helical Piers

Steel Push Piers

Push piers stabilize your home’s foundation. This solution can also lift your home back toward level, closing cracks and improving the operation of doors and windows. 

Helical Piers

Can be used also to permanently stabilize your home but they’re named like that for their unique design with one or more helix-shaped blades.

These piers can be installed from the exterior or interior of your home and are an ideal solution to stabilize a lighter structure that has settled, such as a deck.

A sinking foundation can be fixed, but stabilizing your home’s foundations requires a trustworthy, specialized contractor that will guide you and offer you the perfect fit to solve your problem permanently. 

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