How do I know if my foundation is sinking? Why is my home foundation settling? Can a sinking foundation be fixed? Having any foundation issues can be stressful, especially when you don’t know much about it.

How to know if you have a sinking foundation and how to fit ix.

sunken floor uneven floor with man holding a level signs of foundation settlement
Home with sunken foundation on one side

What is a sinking foundation?

A sinking foundation, also referred to as settlement, is a common issue for homeowners. Settlement occurs when the soils beneath the home or building structure begin to lose stability and/or wash away. This is due to changing weather conditions where dry periods cause the soil to shrink and wet weather causes the soil to soften or wash away. 

Sinking foundations on homes and building structures is very common in and around Vancouver. The reason is because there are many different types of soils in the Metro Vancouver area, and many of them are susceptible to shrinking and shifting, leaving less support for your home to sit on. 

diagram of home with a sinking foundation

How do I know my foundation is settling?

Our best advice? Have your home inspected by a professional. This is the best way to tell if you have a sinking foundation. However, there are also helpful indicators to look out for. Some indicators of a settlement are: 

  • Cracks in your foundation or concrete slabs
  • Sinking or sagging floors
  • Cracks on your walls and near doors and windows
  • Your doors and windows are sticking 
  • Gaps between your floor and walls
  • Chimney is separating from the home 
  • Voids, pooling water, or trip hazards in your concrete

Can a sinking foundation be fixed?

Yes, a sinking foundation can be fixed, but stabilizing your home’s foundation requires an experienced, specialized contractor who can offer you the right solution to permanently solve your problem. 

Repairing a sinking foundation on your own home comes at a huge risk and could result in further damage. Some homeowners attempt at fixing their settling foundation with self levelling compounds. However, a self levelling compound will not actually address the issue of your settlement, it just covers it up temporarily. If you choose to DIY this repair, your foundation will continue to sink. 

Lucky for you, True Level Concrete is home to BC’s leading foundation repair specialists. Our team ensures an easy, efficient, and careful process throughout the foundation repair so you can have peace of mind from beginning to end. In addition, we offer a full assessment of your foundation issues before proceeding with the project.

If you are suspicious that your foundation is settling, don’t wait for the issue to get worse and more expensive. Get in touch with our friendly team for a free estimate on your project.