So you’re seeing cracks around your home, and that one door is getting more difficult to close, but how do you know if you’re seeing signs of foundation issues? We’ll show you the signs. Generally, a foundation problem causes a domino effect of other issues around the home. So, the sooner you determine if your home is settling, the sooner we can stop those winter water leaks.

Here are 7 easy to spot warning signs of foundation issues

1. Cracks in Walls or Ceilings

Cracks in your ceilings or drywall can give you a good idea on how much your home has settled. Small, hairline cracks are normal and nothing to be concerned about. 

These are types of cracks that show signs of foundation problems:

  • Diagonal cracks in drywall, especially leading from corners, windows, and doors. 
  • Horizontal wall cracks
  • Cracks that are getting bigger, or wider
  • Any cracks larger than 0.5 cm 
Basic image of Signs of foundation problems: cracks on walls

2. Ceiling or Floor Gaps

Gaps between your walls and floor, or walls and ceiling are a tell tale sign of foundation issues. When your walls begin to separate from the ceiling or floor, it is a sign that your home is sinking in specific areas and becoming off level.   

Other areas you might notice gaps that could indicate foundation issues are: 

  • Gaps between your kitchen cabinets/counter and walls
  • Gaps between window / door frames and walls
  • Gaps between flooring 
  • Gaps under outdoor concrete stairs/patios 
Basic image of Signs of foundation problems: ceiling or floor gaps

3. Sagging or Sloping Floors

Sagging, sloping, or uneven floors is one of the most common reasons for homeowners discovering they have foundation issues. You might notice that your floor has increasingly become more uneven, or has sunken in certain areas. This could be an indicator that your home is settling or losing structural integrity. 

If you have uneven, sloping, or sagging floors, it is best to get a professional inspection to determine if there really is a foundation issue. 

Basic image of Signs of foundation problems: sagging or sloping floors
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4. Stucco or Foundation Cracks

An obvious sign that your foundation is settling, will show directly on the foundation itself. Many times, as a foundation settles, cracks will then appear in the home’s exterior foundation or stucco. 

Basic image of Signs of foundation problems: foundation cracks

5. Chimney Separation

Chimneys can have their own foundation issues, as well as being a side effect of house foundation issues. When a chimney starts to lean or pull away from the house, it can cause other problems such as pests, water, or cold air leaks. 

Chimneys can undergo foundation repair independently, and they can also be recovered during home foundation repair. 

Basic image of Signs of foundation problems: chimney separation

6. Doors and Windows Sticking

Your doors and windows might have gotten increasingly harder to open and close. This is because foundation issues cause the home to warp and bend. After some time, doors and windows become misaligned in their frames and no longer work properly. 

Basic drawing of door and window out of alignment

7. Concrete Steps or Stoop Separating

Are the front steps of your home sinking or detaching? This is a warning sign that the soils beneath your home are expansive. Because the soils shift and shrink, they loose density and strength, causing the house to settle. This is an easy-to-spot warning sign, outside your home, indicating that you might have foundation issues as a result. Other warning signs you might notice outside are: 

  • Pooling water 
  • Voids under the slabs
  • Uneven deck 
  • Trip hazards / uneven concrete 
Front steps falling away form home drawing

I have signs of foundation issues, so what next?

If you have spotted a few, or many of these indicators around your home, your home might have structural problems. Before you worry, let’s just make sure that’s actually the case. It is best to get a professional inspection and opinion to determine the cause of the issue. In some cases, it’s pretty obvious when a home is settling.

If you’re pretty sure that your home is settling and having foundation issues, call our reliable team at True Level Concrete. Our specialists can give you a thorough assessment of the settlement issues and create a custom repair plan to suit your needs and budget. The best part, we offer FREE quotes for homeowners in Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, as well as the Lower Mainland. Call BC’s leading foundation repair and concrete levelling contractors.