Solutions for Settled Slabs

Foundation & Concrete Slab Settlement Symptoms and Solutions in Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island

True Level Concrete is an authority in foundation and concrete leveling and repair. For all types of sunken concrete or foundation problems, we have the expertise and technology to fix it.

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  • Cracks by window
  • Windows not working
  • Off level floors
  • Cracks, trippers
    in sidewalk
  • Cracks in brick or stone
  • Cracks in poured
    concrete walls
  • Chimney pulling away
  • Water pooling on
    patios andsidewalks
  • Hump in lip
    at carpet edge

Identify symptoms of your foundation and concrete slab problems

  • Cracks around windows and doors can be an indication of foundation settlement. Small cracks in concrete walls are common. It's best to contact a foundation repair expert to address possible foundation problems. Learn more about our wall crack repairs.
  • If you have windows (or doors) that are difficult to open and close or have a gap at the top or bottom, this could be due to a sinking foundation. We can inspect your home and provide sticking window and door repair.
  • Uneven interior floors are often not discovered until it's too late. Signs that your uneven floors could be caused by a foundation problem include warping hardwood floors, tiles that are lifting or cracking, and bulging or sagging. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, learn more about our uneven floor repair solutions. If your home has a crawl space, sagging crawl space supports can lead to unlevel floors above the crawl space.
  • Gaps under basement walls can be hard to see in a finished basement - decorative floorboard often covers the gap. If the gap is big enough for you to see, it's smart to have your foundation walls inspected by an expert. If you notice basement wall cracks, the problem could be bowing foundation walls. Gaps under foundation walls can also be an indicator of a sinking floor slab. Either way, True Level Concrete offers proven solutions!
  • Basement floor cracks can occur for many reasons, but in most cases they are due to settlement of the building or concrete shrinkage. While cracks in your foundation floor may not threaten the integrity of the structure, they can let in water, moisture and radon gas. It's important to repair the problem before it gets worse. Learn about our solutions for foundation floor cracks.
  • Just like with sticking windows, doors that are sticky, won't open or shut, or are misaligned, can be a sign of foundation settlement. Read more about the causes of sticking doors and our common repairs.
  • Cracks in exterior concrete, such as your driveway, patio, or walkway, can be a safety hazard and a nuisance. Soil shrinkage and settling or soil washout could be to blame. The good news is you don't have to live with that ugly sinking, cracked concrete slab anymore. Learn how concrete leveling can quickly and effectively solve concrete damage.
  • Some settling of a building is normal, but large cracks in exterior brick or stone indicates a more serious problem. Stair-step and diagonal cracks are common symptoms of a foundation problem. Learn more about wall crack repair options.
  • If you have a basement underneath your home, then you likely have a poured concrete foundation. Cracks in your concrete walls can be caused by foundation settlement. Water seeping through the walls into your basement is a common result of a cracked concrete slab. We offer effective solutions for concrete foundation cracks.
  • If there are cracks in your chimney or if the chimney is leaning away from your house or gaps have formed between the chimney and exterior walls, these may be signs of a foundation problem. Our tilting chimney repair typically includes the use of helical piers.
  • Pooling water on your patio, sidewalk, or driveway, could be an indicator of weak soil that is causing sections of your concrete slab to sink. We can use PolyLevel® injection foam to raise your concrete slab and fix and prevent pooling water outside your house.
  • Humps at the edge of basement flooring, along with warping, cracking or bulging, are all reasons to call for a foundation inspection. Foundation heaving or settlement can cause uneven basement floors.

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